Union Police Reports for August 7 Through August 9

By Sue Blesi

Aug. 7, 2010: Resisting Arrest / Felony. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department dispatched a careless and imprudent driver coming into Union. The vehicle was said to have ran vehicles off the road. A Union officer observed the vehicle on Brown Street. The vehicle nearly struck the rear of the patrol vehicle and ran east on Park Street. After a short foot pursuit, the driver, a 36-year-old male from Union, was apprehended and arrested for Resisting Arrest and for investigation of DWI. He later refused a breath test and a search warrant was issued for his blood. He wasw issued citations for Driving While Intoxicated, C&I Driving, and Failure to Provide Insurance. He was later transported to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and released on a 24-hour hold.

Aug. 7, 2010: Driving While Intoxicated (City). Union Police arrested Rodney L. Hauther, Jr., a white male, age 21, of Union, for DWI and a traffic offense. Hauther later provided a breath sample which was measured at .090 percent. Hauther was later booked, fingerprinted, cited for DWI and an equipment violation and then released to a sober responsible party. Nothing further.

Aug. 7, 2010: Driving While Drugged (City). Union Police arrested a white male, age 16, of St. Clair, for driving while drugged, speeding, and minor in possession of tobacco. The white male was later released to his father on summons from the Union Police Department. Nothing further.

Aug. 8, 2010: Melissa Jolley, 33, of Catawissa reported that, after shopping at WalMart, she returned to her vehicle and found that some unknown person had struck her vehicle.

Aug. 8, 2010: Drug Violation – Use or Possession With Intent to Use, Drug Paraphernalia. A Union officer was dispatched to #5 Wedgewood for an assault not in progress. He learned that a 31-year-old white male of Union had assaulted his 41-year-old brother of Virginia Beach, who did not wish to prosecute. The 31-year-old was in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. He was arrested for the fiolation and held at Franklin County Sheriff’s Department pending application for warrants.

Aug. 9, 2010: Driving While Intoxicated (State). The suspect, Brian Withoelder, 50, of Union, was in an accident on Hwy. 50. He drove his wrecked moped to O’Reilley’s parking lot. When the officer arrived on the scene, he found the suspect hiding behind the dumpster. He had a strong odor of intoxicants about his breath. His eyes were bloodshot, watery, red and glassy. His speech was thick and slurred. He performed a field sobriety test and was later arrested on warrants as well as investigation for DWI. He provided a sample of his blood and was transported to St. John’s Mercy Hospital at Washington. He was released to Union Ambulance. Nothing further.

Aug. 9, 2010: Stealing from Vehicle / Under $50. Joyce Pedrotti, who lives at 207 N. McKinnley, stated that she parked her personal vehicle on the county parking lot at Cherry and Linden. She stated she left her vehicle unlocked overnight and someone got into it and went through her personal papers in the glove box. After inspecting her car, Mrs. Pedrotti stated that she was missing approximately $5.00 from her ashtray. Nothing further.

Aug. 9, 2010: Death Report. Union officers responded to a fire alarm and then an ambulance assist at Willow Brook Assisted Living, #1 Potomac Courts. It was discovered that an 85-year-old female, identified as Virginia Vanesler, had fallen out of a wheelchair as she was being evacuated from her room was unresponsive and not breathing. She was pronounced deceased at 6:23 p.m. by Union Ambulance personnel. She was transported to the St. Louis County Morgue for an autopsy and the State Medical Examiners Office has been notified of the event. Her immediate family was notified by staff at the care facility.

Aug. 9, 2010: Burglary 2nd / No Force / Res / 6A-6P. Home owner Susan Rulon called to make a report that some items belonging to her son were stolen from her residence on Pinehurst. Investigation to continue.