New Haven Girls on the Run Hold 5K Run

By Sue Blesi
Girls On the Run at New Haven Elementary School participated in a 5K run event
Thursday afternoon in the field behind the school. It was a practice race for a big
race to be held in St. Louis on May 16.
Participants included grades three through six. They started their 5K run in front
of the school and ran to Miller Street, down Elton, making a left on Hickory,
crossing over on Center to Roberta passing the school and circling around on
Roberta, running around the field behind the school and back to the starting point.
They ran the entire route three times then made a shorter lap the fourth time.
Winners were Kaileigh Tyree, first place with a time of 27.46; Lucy Roth, second
place with a time of 29.07; Nicole Overschmidt, third with a time of 29.34; and
Samantha Baxter with a time of 29.81.
Girls on the Run was established to positively impact girls across the community
that combines health and wellness education with a goal-oriented running program. It
is their goal to prepare and educate girls for a lifetime of self-respect and
healthy living during their critical years of development. The program is designed
to empower young girls to believe in themselves and embrace their full potential as
they become young adults. We are a non-profit organization supported by the St.
Louis community that is financially responsible to ensure long term growth and
sustainability. More information is available at